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Our Business

We wanted a section of our website to address current customers as well as future, present partners and potential, interested investors and curious entrepreneurs. Welcome to that section.

Here you can find information on how Amneal does business, what kind of business we do, and ventures of interest to us. If you are a current customer or wish to become one, our Account Management page will be of use. If you are interested in learning about current and potential Amneal business endeavors, check out our Business Development area.

We have a laser-focus on where we want our business to be and a good idea of how to get it there. Yet you'd be surprised at how open-minded Amneal is about the source of a good opportunity. After all, you don't usually find Purple Cow in the more obvious places. And we are determined to find-or create-our own.

Investor Inquiries

Amneal is a privately owned company and is not publically traded. We appreciate your interest in our company and encouragement in its tremendous growth; however we are not currently looking for outside investors.