"We're always looking for our Purple Cow—an opportunity to stand out and be remarkable. So we are very open-minded when exploring new business opportunities. We know where it is we are going, but we understand there is more than one way to get there."
Chirag Patel

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Business Development

Our goal at Amneal is to become a Top-5 generic pharmaceuticals company in the U.S. market through strategic acquisitions, maximizing customer value, and aggressive product growth.

As you may have already learned, we're well on our way toward accomplishing this. Within just six years as a company, we have managed to expand our original oral solid product offering to encompass dosage forms such as liquids and gel caps. We have completed multiple purchase agreements to acquire the assets of established manufacturers in the generics industry. We've even capitalized on the divestiture of product resulting from industry consolidation. These accomplishments may be diverse, but they all share the same focus: aggressive product growth. The fact that these means find the same end by varied paths belies our love of the unexpected opportunity. It just needs to be a well-aligned opportunity-unexpected or not.

Of course, Amneal is not merely growing via acquisition. We also enjoy our own tremendous pipeline fueled by R&D (in Long Island, New Jersey and India) and four manufacturing plants (in New York and New Jersey) covering all our dosage forms. This is product growth of a more organic nature such as filing and/or transferring acquired ANDAs with the US FDA. Even acquiring products in various stages of development-early, prior to bio studies, approved but not yet launched, or established in market-fits this organic means of growth. We've also taken the path of licensing, co-development, and supplier alliances and partnerships when they directly further our business development goals.

Beyond product, Amneal is headed toward more extensive vertical integration-in-house or through "tie-ups" and other investments or partnerships-and already enjoys powerful global sourcing alliances. We recognize there isn't just one method for growth. So, we are always open to new avenues as long as they closely fit our mission and strategy. Whether an opportunity lies upstream or down in the supply chain, our company is open to investigating business ventures with like-minded enterprises when they meet our growth criteria.

To present such an opportunity for mutual success, feel free to contact us. Click here for more information on partnering with and/or supplying to Amneal.