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A Consumer's Guide to Generic Drugs

What Does THAT Mean?

Our Foundation

Amneal Pharmaceuticals is a U.S. manufacturer of the highest quality generic pharmaceuticals. A dynamic and emergent company, we carefully nurture the entire product lifecycle-from the early stages of R&D and API development through FDA approval, painstakingly managed manufacturing and, ultimately, seamless supply to our customers.

We are privately owned. So, we're not rushed by market pressures. Nor do we cut corners to meet "Street" expectations. We are expanding and vertically integrated for many lines to allow better control of the product lifecycle and supply chain. Amneal also enjoys powerful global sourcing alliances enabling superior service levels and incredible value. All of these advantages allow us to deliver on our promise to keep customers at the center of our focus.

Amneal is also a family: one driven by a passion for quality, the courage to develop breakthrough processes and a commitment to its customers. We realize success isn't magic. It's the result of hard work and a passion from within.