"We're growing rapidly, yet purposefully-in a way that is aligned with our philosophy and goals."
Chirag Patel

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What Does THAT Mean?

Growth Strategy

"Vision without execution is hallucination." – Albert Einstein

It doesn't require genius to realize that strategy is pointless without action. At Amneal, we take the thought one step further to reason that action without a plan is just reckless. Lucky for us, we have both: a plan and the tenacity to act on it.

Our roadmap—or Strategic Overview—is unambiguous, aggressive, and highly tactical:

Grow product (organically, through acquisitions, licensing, and/or via Paragraph IV and 505(b)2 filings) across all dosage forms and therapeutic categories, including CII-V controlled products, to cultivate a broader, more robust offering for our customers.

This clear, well-defined vision makes for easier, more fruitful, decisions. Our vision also allows Amneal to remain open to interesting alliances and prospects at all stages of the product life cycle-from API to packaging. Just look at our Journey as proof; we "walk the walk" where growth is concerned.

Expansion at Amneal may be rapid. But it is also carefully calculated to remain securely aligned with our corporate values and culture. Growth will never come at the expense of quality and service levels. We wouldn't be Amneal if it did.