"Having a clear strategy makes it easy for Amneal to capitalize on unexpected opportunities. We know exactly where it is we want the company to be, and we aren't afraid to take action when the right opportunity presents itself."
Chirag Patel

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Our Incredible Journey

Our founders established Amneal Pharmaceuticals in June 2002. Shortly thereafter, we picked up the pace and have been making things happen ever since. Take a highlighted look at how much we've accomplished in just a few short years; think of how much more we have in store. That said, check back soon for another exciting installment in our exhilarating chronicle.

June 2013 Amneal wins the DIANA Award for Generic Manufacturer with over $100 million in Sales to HDMA members and is honored as the first ever HDMA Partner of the Year.
March 2013 Amneal launches one of the first-to-market generic equivalents for Suboxone® (buprenorphine and naloxone) Tablets (CIII).
September 2012 HEB recognizes Amneal as its Generic Pharmaceutical Supplier of the Year “for outstanding retail execution and exemplary customer service.”
August 2012 Amneal is named the Generic Pharmaceutical Trading Partner of the Year by the 4th largest wholesaler in the US, H. D. Smith.
November 2011 Our first topical product family is launched: Fluocinolone Acetonide ear drops, scalp and body oils.

Amneal CEO Chintu Patel and President Chirag Patel win the Ernst & Young 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year® award for Life Sciences.
October 2011 We acquire a 110,000 sq ft packaging plant in East Hanover, New Jersey to support our growth.
June 2011 IMS Health lists Amneal as the 7th largest generics firm in prescriptions dispensed.
December 2010 Amneal now appears as the 8th largest generics firm in the US according to IMS data.
October 2010 Amneal acquires a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing plant in Piscataway, New Jersey allowing further expansion into new technologies and complex, niche products.
September 2010 Amneal opens up a new, consolidated Distribution and Sales Logistics center in Glasgow, Kentucky.
June 2010 IMS lists Amneal as the 9th largest generics manufacturer based on number of unbranded prescriptions dispensed.
June 2010 Amneal wins the HDMA 2010 DIANA award for Generic Product Manufacturer with Sales to Healthcare Distributors of Less Than $100 Million.
May 2010 McKesson honors Amneal with its Best Emerging Supplier, One Stop Sales Less Than $100 Million award.
April 2010 National Account Manager, June Ray Parker, accepts the Smith Drug 2010 Generic Vendor of the Year award for Amneal Pharmaceuticals.
January 2010 IMS lists Amneal as the 10th largest generics supplier in its latest study nearing us even closer to our goal of falling within the top 5.
November 2009 Cardinal presents Amneal with its 2009 Supplier Quality Award in recognition of our outstanding quality performance.
September 2009 AmerisourceBergen recognizes Amneal as 2009 Generic Supplier of the Year - Under $50 Million. Our National Accounts Manager, Dave Hardin, is a Finalist for Generic Supplier Sales Representative of the Year.
July 2009 IMS Study shows Amneal Pharmaceuticals as the 12th largest generics supplier in number of prescriptions dispensed. This same study remarks on the amazing 114% year-over-year growth Amneal has achieved.
June 2009 Amneal introduces Alprazolam ER and Benazepril HCI tablets—each in four different strengths—adding to our increasingly sophisticated line a modified release controlled substance.
March 2009 Our ANDA applications using eCTD / QbR / QOS now number 21 and counting-7 of which have already been approved. We have our second liquid ANDA approved for Prednisolone. Our ANDAs filed via server-to-server upload reach 10.
December 2008 Amneal celebrates the grand opening of our 75,000 sq ft R&D Centre, Amneal India.
October 2008 We become the industry's first company to directly upload ANDAs to the FDA, server to server.
September 2008 We launch our first liquid Rx product, Ranitidine HCl Syrup, manufactured at the Branchburg, New Jersey plant.
September 2008 Cardinal Health names Amneal VP of Sales, Stephen Rutledge, Trade Representative of the Year.
June 2008 Amneal welcomes another group to the family as our purchase of the Interpharm assets closes on June 23rd, including over 240,000 sq ft of manufacturing/R&D capacity in two superior quality plants.
May 2008 Sweet 16! We celebrate our 16th FDA ANDA approval including two using eCTD / QbR / QOS submitted applications.
April 2008 We announce our agreement to acquire substantially all assets of Interpharm Holdings, Inc. of Hauppauge, New York.
March 2008 Amneal's product development pipeline expands to 62 molecules.
December 2007 We acquire a liquid Rx manufacturing/R&D plant in Branchburg, New Jersey, along with multiple ANDAs and product development IP from KVD.
November 2007 Amneal's first eCTD / QbR / QOS-filed ANDA (Bethanechol tablets) is approved just 10 months and 10 days after submission.
October 2007 We acquire all assets related to five generic drugs divested by Merck kGa to enable their acquisition by Mylan.
August 2007 Amneal completes a joint venture with Indoco Remedies of India to develop, market and distribute ophthalmic Rx products for the U.S. marketplace.
June 2007 We launch our Amneal label and go directly to the market via our acquisition of Akyma, a Kentucky-based pharmaceuticals sales and distribution company.
January 2007 Amneal files one of the first ANDAs with the US FDA using the eCTD / QbR / QOS format (Bethanechol 5/10/25/50mg tablets).
July 2006 The first ANDA prepared and submitted by Amneal is approved (Metformin 500/850/1000mg tablets).
August 2005 Amneal starts manufacturing its first Rx product (Folic Acid 1mg tablets).
July 2005 Amneal secures a long-term financial partner ensuring strategic growth and continued, uncompromising quality.
July 2005 We file our first ANDA (Benzonatate 100/200 mg. capsules) as Amneal Pharmaceuticals.
June 2002 Amneal is born. Our headquarters, oral solids production and R&D plant opens in Paterson, New Jersey, initially manufacturing OTC products.