"Just moving toward our goal—especially at such a rapid pace—is making people notice. When this happens, the term Remarkable comes to mind."
Chintu Patel

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Our company's Mission alone creates news. An aggressive growth strategy and endless quest to break through the ordinary with remarkable value means you never know when we'll be making headlines.

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Chain Drug Review

Sep 27, 2010   Rx/Generic Drugs Profiles – Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC
Sep. 28, 2009   Rx/Generic Drugs Profiles – Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC
Sep. 17, 2007   Rx/Generic Drugs Profiles – Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC

Drug Store News

Dec. 9, 2010   Amneal names SVP, general counsel
Sep. 22, 2010   Amneal to open new distribution center
Sep. 1, 2010   FDA approves Amneal generic for treatment of hypertension and liver cirrhosis
Jul. 28, 2010   Amneal Given Top Honors by HDMA
Jun. 16, 2010   FDA approves generic Lorazepam Intensol
Jun. 13, 2010   Hariharan joins Amneal
Jun. 10, 2010   HDMA fetes leading drug, consumer product makers at inaugural business leadership event
May 19, 2010   Amneal expands sales, distribution in Kentucky
Feb. 18, 2010   Tramadol/APAP
Nov 23, 2009   Nizatidine Oral Solution
Sep. 28, 2009   A generic rise, Jim Luce, Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Drug Topics

Apr 7, 2010   New Drugs - Tramadol APAP
April 2010 Issue   Rx & OTC New Products - Tramadol/APAP
Feb 15, 2010   New Generics - Nizatidine Oral Solution
Aug. 10, 2009   New Products – Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Oral Solution
Jan. 28, 2008   New Products – Bethanechol Chloride Tablets


Drug Daily Bulletin
Jan 5, 2010
  Generic Nizatidine Antacid Wins Approval for Amneal
Generic Line
Dec 9, 2009
  Generic Nizatidine Antacid Wins Approval for Amneal
Drug Industry Daily
Dec 4, 2009
  FDA Approves Generic Antacid Oral Solution


July 27, 2010   Amneal Pharmaceuticals Receives Five Generics Industry Awards for Customer Value and Service...


Jan 1, 2010   First-time Approvals - Nizatidine Oral Solution

Glasgow Daily Times

Sept 28, 2010   Introduction
Sept 27, 2010   Cut the Ribbon Time

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's Communications Office

May 11, 2010   Amneal Pharmaceuticals to Expand in Glasgow


Jun 11, 2010   HDMA Honors Leading Pharmaceutical & Consumer Product Manufacturers at Inaugural Business & Leadership Conference
Oct. 15, 2009   HDMA Recognizes Leading Pharmaceutical And Consumer Product Manufacturers At The 50th Annual Diana Reception


Dec. 10, 2010   Amneal Pharmaceuticals appoints senior vice president
Nov. 3, 2009   Newsday, Melville, N.Y., James Bernstein column: Hauppauge pharmaceutical firm poised for big things

Pharmacy Times

Sept. 11, 2011   The Effects of New FDA APAP Regulations on Pharmacy Practice
Nov. 23, 2010   What Patients Should Know About Generic Drugs: A Resource Guide for Pharmacists
May 17, 2010   Generic Drug Firm Invests $6.6 Million in Expansion
Mar 18, 2010   Generic Product News - Tramadol/APAP
Jan 15, 2010   Generic Product News - Nizatidine Oral Solution
Aug. 15, 2009   Generic Product News – Benazepril
Jul. 15, 2009   Generic Product News – Alprazolam ER Tablets
Jun. 15, 2009   Generic Product News – Extended Phenytoin Sodium Capsules
May 15, 2009   Generic Product News – Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Oral Solution
Aug. 1, 2008   Amneal Pharmaceuticals: Generic's New Generation Celebrates a Remarkable Year
Feb. 1, 2008   Product News – Bethanechol Chloride Tablets
Jan. 1, 2008   Amneal and Indoco Partner to Make Generic Ophthalmics
Nov. 1, 2007   FTC OKs Mylan's Purchase of Merck’s Generic Unit

PharmQD (U.S. Pharmacist site)

Feb 8, 2010   Amneal Receives FDA Approval For Tramadol/APAP Tablets
Jan 14, 2010   Amneal Receives FDA Approval for Nizatidine Oral Solution, the First Generic Oral Solution for AXID®


Dec 11, 2009   Amneal Receives FDA Approval For Nizatidine Oral Solution, The First Generic Oral Solution For Axid® In The Market