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Amneal India

Amneal Pharmaceuticals Co. India Private Limited
Research & Development Centre

Finished in 2008, our R&D Centre is one of two key drivers–along with the primary labs in Brookhaven, NY–behind our organic growth and achieving our goal of 30+ ANDA approvals per year.

The Centre sits strategically close to the major city of Ahmadabad, Gujarat along the same major transportation corridor used by other global pharmaceutical companies. The fact that over 3 acres of gardens front it, and serene, green fields surround it–all in a Pollution Free Area–makes it sound like a luxury resort. Don't be fooled. The Amneal R&D Centre means business. Seventy–five thousand square feet of usable space, plus equipment in place for R&D, QA/QC and limited manufacturing suites occupy the front section of our 18+ acres. If this weren't enough, the facility has the ability to accommodate all dosage forms and sits ready for phased expansions. It is yet another example of Amneal making vision a reality.

The Amneal R&D Centre boasts a wastewater plant for zero discharge enabling complete treatment of the plant's industrial and human waste. It also uses Human Presence detection to save power. These are but a few of its eco-minded features.