"Our logistics systems enable a highly efficient and effective distribution organization delivering superb service levels. And our technology is ahead of the game relative to Track and Trace. As soon as the standard is set, Amneal will be ready to go, day one."
Jim Luce
EVP, Sales & Mkg

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What Does THAT Mean?


Amneal comes well versed in distribution. Early in our history we purchased a technology-forward distribution facility as a step toward vertical integration. This strategic move gained Amneal advanced distribution capabilities that some industry leaders are still trying to fully implement. The September 2010 opening of our consolidated and expanded Distribution & Sales Operations facility placed us even further ahead of the curve and well poised to handle significant growth, in the current configuration as well as the expansion capabilities of this location.



Amneal's distribution center is technologically advanced throughout to facilitate exceptional service levels and outstanding customer care. From complete EDI interaction to comprehensive case-level bar code tracking of all orders, critical account and order information is readily available whenever needed. Amneal distribution is also equipped with the platform to enable “Track and Trace” to the unit level when it becomes a regulatory requirement and the industry is ready to implement.

Service Levels:

The Amneal distribution staff regularly partners with its manufacturing co-workers to ensure safety stock levels are maintained at all times. As a result, Amneal sustains superb service levels while accommodating the industry's dynamic demand curve. If there's a spike in orders, Amneal can fill them.

Continuous Improvement:

Adhering to Amneal values, our distribution team is always looking for even better ways to deliver product to our accounts. It was listening to and collaborating with customers on the flow of product from our distribution center to their receiving docks that prompted us to change the way we package items for shipment. When we discovered that using inner cases created an extra step for our accounts, we reduced the size of our cartons and eliminated the practice. This one modification reduced the amount of time it takes customers to break down shrink-wrapped pallets on their receiving dock. Low tech but high effect, this was a breakthrough in all senses of the word.


Our 115,000 square-foot primary distribution center is located in Glasgow, Kentucky within close proximity to the UPS hub. This convenience--coupled with its Central Time Zone locale--makes it a one-day drive to 75% of the US population, and generally enables more efficient shipping to our customers. Alternate shipping from our east-coast facilities provides added distribution flexibility, and ensures rigorous control of our controlled substance products supply chain. Regardless of its physical location, each Amneal warehouse is laid-out for maximum efficiency. And, of course, all are licensed and fully compliant with the requirements of every Board of Pharmacy, the DEA and the FDA.

This new facility combines both our distribution and our back office sales operations into one location for the first time. Adding this synergy-building connection to an already high-performance team will continue to fine tune the operation.

Distribution represents a highly efficient step in our Amneal supply chain. Delivering finished product to our customers, it's also a step we love to keep perfecting.

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