"Continuous improvement is in our blood. Though all four of our plants in the NY and NJ area are already outstanding, they work tenaciously to maintain superior product safety and quality."
Chintu Patel

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What Does THAT Mean?


Manufacturing at Amneal is nothing less than state-of-the-art. All facilities meet and remain in full compliance with all U.S. regulatory agencies including the FDA, EPA, OSHA, and DEA, and follow 100% GMP. Our operational staff is highly educated and heavily trained in GMP and the most current trends, relevant issues as well as further production improvement opportunities.

Our highly effective manufacturing model and spotless plants consistently deliver high-quality Amneal product at utmost efficiency. Even the original facilities boast new features and modernizations to boost efficiency, capacity and safety.


Amneal manufactures generic pharmaceuticals in a variety of forms. Oral solids range from tablets to capsules and softgels in immediate and modified release varieties. We also produce liquid-form pharmaceuticals from suspensions to solutions. Controlled substance, hormonal and high potency production suites further compliment our ever-expanding repertoire. Throughout all of our facilities we are capable of producing over 20-billion oral solid units and up to10 million liquid bottles each year.

Breakthrough Successes To-Date

Amneal is proud to stand alone as the first company ever to secure FDA approval using the Bin-to-Hopper manufacturing process. By streamlining the manufacturing process with this move, we managed to increase efficiency while also improving quality. It's just one more example of how we strive to be remarkable—and succeed.

We'd be remiss not to mention another aspect of our supply chain-API. Our superb and unique API supplier relationships around the world-and, certainly, in India-ensure optimum product flow and market-leading pricing as our product portfolio continues to expand. We count several strategic alliances and exclusive supply agreements for the US market among these relations.