"When it was time to create a new label, we looked first to our customers, and their customers, to uncover what it was they needed to make their jobs easier."
Jim Luce
EVP, Sales & Mkg

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A Consumer's Guide to Generic Drugs

What Does THAT Mean?

Label Logic

Pharmacist input defined our label design to improve both ease of use and dispensing accuracy.

Mouse over the label below to learn more about these thoughtful design elements.

Product Name

Large, bold product name for easier, more accurate identification.


Standardized color-coding based on strength. Each label distinctly changes in color as we move from lowest strength to highest strength in a product line.

Product ID

Product is shown on the labels for increased safety.


Strength is printed in bold circle to mitigate selection errors.

National Drug Code

NDC number prominently displayed with product code in bold for processing ease.


Larger barcode featured for more successful, rapid scanning.

Controlled Substance

Controlled substance labels show bold, obvious markings to set them apart.